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When words like dentures and partials are mentioned, it often doesn’t elicit the most positive reaction. While it’s certainly no secret that dentures are typically associated with the elderly, it should be noted that they are also not exactly what they are perceived to be. The preconceived notion that dentures are removable sets of false teeth for elderly people who simply don’t have any teeth left is not entirely true. As there are in fact several different variations of these devices, that are used by all sorts of people for numerous reasons.

What kind of dentures are available?

Dentures can vary depending on material they are made, number of replacing teeth and attachment system.

Partial Denture:

Contrasting to the stereotypical idea of dentures, the Partial Denture is a removable plate that is custom made for you, to be suited to your replacement needs. This plate can be used to replace one or several teeth and may be used to provide prosthetic teeth that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  This denture can be made of acrylic based material or for better comfort can be made of a composite of acrylic and metal based material. Economically friendly and easy to maintain, the partial is fitted to attach to your natural teeth or dental implants and can be easily adjusted to maximise its effectiveness.

Complete Denture:

Unlike the before mentioned partial, a Full or Complete Denture does somewhat resemble the stereotypical dentures of the past; however, thanks to innovative 21st century technology, the sleek new dentures of today are by far superior to their clunky and cumbersome predecessors.  As the Partial Denture can be made of acrylic based material or a composite of acrylic and metal based material, the modern full set of dentures seats seamlessly on the roof of your mouth or lower jaw (or both) for a smooth and comfortable fit. As its name implies, the Full Denture is designed for individuals who no longer have their natural teeth and require extensive replacements.

Implant supported denture:

The implant supported denture is both retained and supported by four or more titanium implants. This denture is also called ALL on-4 or ALL on-6 depending on the number of implants supporting the denture.

This means that the denture does not rest on gums but it is fixed on implants which are embedded in bone.

Because this denture is not resting on gums as for the Complete Denture, the big advantage is that the underlined bone will not resorb over time and the denture fit and appearance will be great even after many years. Compared to the Complete Denture another big advantage is that the denture is fixed by screws into the implants therefore there is no need for its removal over night.

The denture will only need to be removed by your dentist once a year for cleaning.


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