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Dental Implants

About Implants

Do you have any missing teeth? Are you worried to wear a denture? Implants can be the best choice for you.

Single Implant

A single tooth implant is used when there is a single tooth missing requiring replacement. Ideally the implant should be placed shortly after the tooth has been lost to minimise the amount of bone loss in the area.

Short Implant Bridge

A short implant supported bridge is very similar to that of a conventional bridge. The only difference being that the support of the bridge is provided by the implants as opposed to the natural roots.

Retained Overdenture

Due to the negative points associated with dentures patients are always looking for an option to stabilise the denture allowing it to feel a lot more comfortable. The overdenture is the solution for this problem. The bespoke appliance is made of an acrylic material with custom teeth and a metal reinforcement supported by two or four implants.

Full Arch Implant Bridge

In an ideal world we would love for our teeth to last a lifetime, however this doesn’t always happen. It is very upsetting and traumatic when a patient loses all of their teeth. Patients often feel they have no other option than to have a denture. Thankfully with the development of implants this is not the case. Patients can now have a permanent fixed solution allowing them to enjoy food, banish troubles with speech and enjoy a beautiful smile!

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